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Drawing Dead Promo Characters

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These special, limited edition playing card decks are an alternative to the cards that come with the Base Game. You can only get these decks here, and they are in limited supply! Get them before they bite the dust! Free shipping to the US! $20 international shipping!

Drawing Dead - First Edition

- Free Shipping!! (within the US) - Includes everything 2-4 players need to play - Game time 30 minutes - Family friendly - Unique game mechanics
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Cinco de Mayo Special! -Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Now through May 5th, you can get the best deal on Drawing Dead and Drawing Dead Accessories!
The Quest Report review of Drawing Dead by The Meddlesome Meeples.
Over 400 games shipped! -Wednesday, October 4, 2017
As of October 5th, most copies of the base game have made their way to KS backers.
Drawing Dead is more than just a poker game with a twist- it's
an immersive adventure into a frontier saloon, where you take on the role of an archetype from the wild west.
Whether you choose to assume the mantle of the majestic La Reina, the underhanded Baron von Doom, or the erstwhile Barkeep,

in Drawing Dead, you will lie, cheat, and steal your way through the dirtiest game of stud west of the Mississippi.

Oh, and did we mention that just beneath the surface, all the characters are hiding something sinister and ghastly- they all walk the land of the living ...
... and the dead.
Smoke billows from the quick-drawing Gunslinger's revolver, as chips fall into the pot from the lifeless hands of Diamond Dallas...
... the Sheriff enters the saloon too late- the Outlaw has already skulked away with Magic Man's chip stack, and...
... the Dirty Cheat has switched cards with Desert Rose and won the rest of the pot.