Drawing Dead - First Edition

- Free Shipping!! (within the US) - Includes everything 2-4 players need to play - Game time 30 minutes - Family friendly - Unique game mechanics

- Play as an undead, wild-west saloon patron playing high stakes poker and using any and all underhanded techniques to get the upper hand.

- Adds strategic depth and a fresh spin on a classic game.

- Increases the pace of play and eliminates players folding and sitting around watching until the next hand begins

Game Box Includes

- 15 Role cards featuring stunning art!

- 1 52-card poker deck, beautifully designed and printed

- 40 poker chips

- 1 Dealer Button

- 1 Rule Book

Call on undead, wild west, characters' special skills to aid you in a high-stakes game of poker. The gameplay is fun, innovative and fast-paced with no betting, no folding, and a winner-takes-all end game. Nobody is out until the game is over.

Created by John Fiorillo (Ascension, SolForge, VS System, WoW Minis...), Drawing Dead had some of the most talented and experienced developers in the industry.

Beautiful art and graphics by Anton Magdalen and Cheryl Savala make this a must have for any poker player or strategy card gamer!

Free shipping to the US! $20 shipping internationally.

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